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Ginseng 2000 collaboration

During the middle of May 2000, a loose collective of net composers started working together on a piece of music. The start point was a rough, unfinished piece that bore the working title of Ginseng ... hence the finished title. After various rehashes, cock-ups, additions, subtractions, mixes, remixes, agreements, disagreements and no doubt some alcohol, the near-final mix ended up at Xscape(UK)'s DAW.

After much black coffee, cheese sandwiches, (there may have been pickle), blood, sweat and (no doubt) tears, this, the final mix appeared. In fact, very little needed to be done as the standard of programming by all members of the Ginseng Group was of a very high standard. The Ginseng Group was a transient thing .... a moment in the year 2000. It will leave nothing behind except for this, it's sole purpose for existing, its music.

"Ginseng 2000" was a mass collaboration between artists throughout the world: Blaklynx, Richard Dudeney, Mr. Red, Paul Fiction, Sascha Henken, Soundpool, Xscape(UK) and Crackhead.

Download the Ginseng 2000 XG MIDI file.

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