New guide about playing back XG Midi files on Windows 10

Monday 6th April 2020

Playing back XG Midi files on Windows 10

We have added a new guide to our Help and FAQs section. This guide is helpful for all those who just want to play back any XG Midi files on Windows (any version) using a free Midi Player developed by Falcosoft called Falcosoft Soundfount Midi Player. Despite there are several methods for playing back XG music on modern computers, this could be the easiest and most straightforward way so far. All the details and software needed is provided within the guide, so make sure to read all the steps.

To be noted that since the player is basically using the VST version of S-YXG50 or S-YXG2006LE soft synths for the playback, the compatibility of XG Midi files is limited to XG Level 1, so any Midi file which has been produced with more modern XG devices such as MU80, MU100, SW1000XG, MU128, etc. could sound not faithfully.

Enough talking, read our guide: How to playback XG Midi files on Windows 10

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Added Yamaha / Steinberg official XG Editor for Cubase 4 and 5

Monday 16th December 2019

Yamaha / Steinberg official XG Editor for Cubase 4 and 5

We have added to our XG Software page a direct link for downloading the official XG Editor for Cubase 4 and 5 which has been released by Yamaha / Steinberg. Since it was only available on the Yamaha Japan website, this editor is japanese only, but it's installation and use is pretty straightforward.

As an additional note by our XG composer Hunt, the editor, which comes as MIDI plug-in for Cubase 4 and 5, seems to not being loaded at all in modern Cubase Pro versions such as 8 or 9. We do not know if such lack of compatibility is due to the plug-in being too old / 32-bit or the procedure of installing a MIDI plug-in is different from previous versions of Cubase.

If any user reading this has found a solution to this, feel free to drop us an e-mail.

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An helpful guide to install and use Yamaha XG S-YXG50 from composer DJ Wuppie 1984

Thursday 26th November 2015

How to install and use Yamaha XG S-YXG50 with virtualization software

Thanks to the XG music composer DJ Wuppie 1984 aka DJ Alias 1984, we finally have a practical guide for installing the Yamaha XG Software Synthesizer WDM Driver for Windows XP and 2000 in order to be able to playback any XG MIDI files in modern computers with the help of virtualization software such as Virtual Box or VMWare. This is a valuable resource for all those composers who need to port their Yamaha XG files into MP3. For the whole process, a copy of the S-YXG50 soft synth it's required. For those of you who don't own a copy of it, there's a trial version - fully working for a period of 60 days - available which is released from Yamaha and which is included with the guide for your convenience.

You can download the PDF guide and a trial version of Yamaha S-YXG50 from DJ Wuppie's web directory and don't forget to say thank you!

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Welcome to our new composer DJ Wuppie 1984

Thursday 10th January 2015

I like to introduce you to a new composer on XG-Central. His nickname is DJ Wuppie 1984 aka DJ Alias 1984, he's from The Netherlands and did in the past a lot of XG-composing (with his DB50-XG) and provided us with 43 XG Midi files! Nowadays he's still on activity and you can find some of his latest songs over YouTube (just search for his nickname). Enough talking, go visit his XG Midis!

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Here we go (again)

Tuesday 8th January 2013

Just uploaded the site XG-Central to a new Internet Service Provider, the name is Hosting2Go located here in the Netherlands. In times of economic recession it's good to look critical to your costs, so I decided to start 2013 with a new ISP. I found an ISP with cheap hosting, more webspace (4000 MB), more data transfer (up to 50 GB), installation of web-apps, goodbye Windows server and a very fast and good helpdesk. My decision was made :-) So now we can look into the future with our great site XG-Central. Here we go (again...)!

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Pre production stuff from X-static

Monday 2nd July 2012

This morning I received a very great sneak preview of X-static. You can find the promo on

Also Rico (aka Crackhead) of X-static sent a message within our XG-Central group on Facebook: Noid Burgers made an awsome videoclip for us for our Ghostbuster release !!! Great job m8. You can view that video here:

About new drivers for our SW1000XG soundcard: on the 5th June I wrote the following message in our XG-Central group on Facebook: "Just spoke to JRG (The Grid) he knows somebody in the Netherlands who can do our job: rewriting and compiling the 32bit code to 64bit... Don't ask me how, but it's a start..." Three days later I wrote: "Tomorrow my SW1000XG will be in a test environment for new drivers for Win7 64 bit. So my card stays there till the worldwide problem is solved. Feels good to do something for the XG community. By the way, our programmer likes to write updates for other Yamaha gear too..... Who is this Guy? Let him introduce you as mister X ." At this moment mister X is still working on it and he's doing a very good job! So a BIG thank U to our man, cause Yamaha will do nothing for us. Thank you Yamaha!

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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XG-Central on Facebook

Saturday 28th April 2012

It seems very quiet here, but it isn't. OK, maybe here on this site, but not in the XG-scene on Facebook. Here is an idea; listen to all those great musicians and visit in the meantime our social groups on Facebook. You've got two of them: Yamaha-XG Group and the XG-Central Group. In fact they are the same, but with different topics :-)

Other news, a couple weeks ago I uploaded a video promo with the music of my friend ModeXG. You can watch the promo by visiting YouTube (search for XGCentral). Or by visiting this URL: The same promo is on the site Vimeo:

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New production of ModeXG

Tuesday 20th March 2012

Finally after a month, we've got some news for you: ModeXG sent me a very great production called "Jump In!", the track starts directly, so the title of this new track is a good one. "Jump In!" is a real ModeXG sound, but in my opinion a bit to short ;-) OK, I like longer tracks, so maybe we can wait for an extended version... ModeXG wrote the following info about the song: "finally finished my song called "Jump In", it reminds me the good times of 90's.. :) I hope you like it and note that in this song i used first time my new toy; Yamaha AN200 analog desktop synthesizer with MU100R, so it is not 100% XG compatible, but i will make also full XG version later. Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago I received the following e-mail: "have you heard about "HOTZ TRANSLATOR SOFTWARE" wich is the software version of a very old hardware control surface manufactured (at the time) under license by ATARI inc. The name was "HOTZ BOX" and it was a fantastic MIDI controller. I give you a link to see a demo by Jimmy Hotz (who invented it) where he plays the YOU ROCK GUITAR (wigh is another fantastic thing that I received one month ago) thru the Hotz Translator Software. I hope you'll enjoy. Link = . Friendly, Blaise". Guys you have to see this, cause it's great! You can send Blaise feedback by using our XG-Central -Facebook- group.

Crackhead sent me the following information about a great video: "this is a wild demo entry for Assembly 2001.
X-static suplied the music for this clip ;) Thnx to X-gener8or for finding this entry back :) Good old days :)
Link =

Friedhelm Junghans (aka Soundpool) sent the following link: "the 1250 sounds of the SW1000" See for yourself!

We have a new composer on XGC; his name is JayB from Germany and he is a music producer and sound designer. His mp3 file Kandi8 is a very impressive trance production and was made with the QY100. JayB thanks for joining XG-Central!

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New composer

Tuesday 21th February 2012

First, thanks for visiting! Thanks to you and all the composers of this site, cause without you there wasn't a site like XGC. Last week I received a message of Xethis, he wrote: "I would like to thank U for the enormous effort and dedication you're putting to revive the XGC site. Those songs are making me have some great moments and make me revive very special memories..."

And that's what it all about! So enjoy listening to the more than 150 pages with worldwide music of XG-composers. In total more than 1500 XG-MIDI and 250 mp3 files...

I like to introduce you to a new composer on XG-Central. His nickname is Wavegarbage, he's from The Netherlands (like me) and did in the past a lot of XG-composing (with MU80 and Roland Synthesizer). Nowadays he's busy with playing the guitar. Go visit his page and listen to his productions in mp3 (XG-midi recorded with Audacity and converted to mp3).

About Xethis, I just added 7 new converted MP3 trance songs to his page, cause that's his favourite genre :-)

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Like old times

Thursday 16th February 2012

And, was she (or in case of a boyfriend, a he) happy with the Valentine gift? My wife was!

It look likes old times, more frequent updates of the site, cause I just added a great composer to XG-Central. His nickname is ELEKTRONIKOS, also known as Q-TeK from Australia. All his songs were created on the QY70 and the MP3's were generated from that same device. ELEKTRONIKOS made around 200+ songs and he created around 2,000 wave file loops. That's impressive! I hope you can understand that not all his music can be listened here; that's why I made a fine selection of it. Don't read any further now; go listen to his productions :-)

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Happy Valentine!

Tuesday 14th February 2012

Before saying a word, think about your loved one and buy some flowers today! Don't forget! Cause it makes your life more beautiful :-)

OK, last update was Monday 30th January and what did I say: "... more interesting updates will follow this week..." Indeed, but I didn't know my PC crashed the next day. What a mess! But I had my iPhone (mail, Facebook etcetera) and a good backup... But it took me more than a week to build the system back up again. But now it seems everything is OK (don't say that too loud Cybert).

So after 13 days (aarggh, 13...) I updated XGC with a very nice MIDI file of mr. Robert (Soundpool) Jung called "Broken Machina" (does remind me to something...). On his page he wrote the following: "I want to give out a caution notice for the file. It contains extended sysex code that may have a strange effect on your sound module. I think it is the best thing to just sit there and listen to what the box says to you. Otherwise you might be doomed. Be warned!"

Laurent (MycroTonik/Empheus) sent me the following links: New Wave XG by Paul Fiction and Jazz Alley XG MIDIs (two very great and nostalgic sites from long time ago).

Bill Herbert sent the following link on our XG-Central -Facebook- group: build an XG synth in an outboard box: It is a very interesting and excellent project!

Laurent (MycroTonik/Empheus) sent me the following link: a very very great Yamaha XG demo made by JayB called "Kandi8". Description: "a little uplifting trance piece completely programmed using Yamaha's XG synthesis level 3. The sounds come from a Yamaha QY100, post-processing included only EQing and compression/limiting". On the link you can also download the MIDI file. You can talk with JayB in our XG-Central group on Facebook. (Why are beautiful productions always so short...?) More work made with the QY100 can be found here: .

There's still a lot to download on the Japanese Yamaha site: most software is in English and some are very recent updates... Just scroll into the first category list, choose your model, select ALL and search...

There's a LOT to update this week, so stay tuned!

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There's something in the air...

Monday 30th January 2012

We've got a new composer on XG-Central! His nickname is Xethis and he made some really great trance productions in MIDI (!) and MP3. Yeah there's something going on in the old XG scene and I'm really happy with it, cause this means XG is still alive.

ModeXG also came with a new production in MIDI (!) and MP3. The song is called "The Excavation Zone 2112". Good job Silver! In our XG-Central group on Facebook he wrote: "Let's do a mega collaboration stuff in the future :) for example, one hour long dj mix :) OK, you've got my blessing ;-)

Robert - Soundpool - Jung sent me several MIDI and two MP3 files of a guy from Germany called TDL (theDeadLink). He's also new on XG-Central. Robert wrote the following: "...this guy called himself TDL (theDeadLink) back in 1999 and he used a DB50XG for his compositions. We met online, via ICQ random chat. Remember that annoying "oh-oh" sound? It will soon be forgotten like the rewinding of a VHS video tape..."

OK, that's it for this moment, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Updated version (2002) of Andromedaturbulence (Remastered 2002)

Thursday 12th January 2012

Join our XGC group on Facebook and "visit" / "talk with" several known composers of XG-Central. One of them is Soundpool. He send me a remastered version (2002) of his great song "Andromedaturbulence". In the XG-Central group and Soundcloud he wrote the following comments:

"...Geesh...I can't believe this was 11 years ago! the track has been composed entirely on one synthesizer. A Yamaha sw1000xg/mu90/cs2x to be precise. I re-recorded it recently with an MU100 tone module and mixed it together as separate audio layers in cubase. Enjoy, space-fans!

Nobody knew, but there was actually a story behind this song. I was in the middle of a collaboration with Sascha Henken with the "Starpieces Trilogy" - as we called it. This was when I started to form a little story arc to almost every of my tracks. While I was trying to find stories for the next episode of our trilogy, I took this "draft" for one of my own tracks.

Creating a little story helps me to compose much easier as I can refer to images in my head and translate them into sound. The science space station temporis 6 receives the same emergency transmission every 3.14 years.
It appears to be coming from the center the Andromeda Nebula. Amongst cosmic travelers, this place is doomed and they call it the "cosmic bermuda triangle". A lot of ships loose their course and disappear forever in this nebula. The station cannot really do anything as this emergency transmission seems to be the same again and again. The only conclusion would be that the ship or the transmission got trapped in a time loop and is lost forever.

The track is kinda oldstyle spacenight-ish electronic. It is from a time when anthony rother amazed us with something, called "schubdüse" and aphex twin pretended he composed something in a dream. Crazy bastard..."

Thanks for your music Robert!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New trance production made by X-static

Wednesday 11th January 2012

First of all a good and creative 2012! Let this be the year of new productions.
Talking about new productions, X-static made a great new trance song called Dark Heart Anthem. You can find the new song on X-static's page. You have to listen to this, cause Crackhead and X-gener8or did some very nice work!

The production Dark Heart Anthem can also be viewed on YouTube.

On Facebook we have a XG-Central group, where you can talk with several composers, you can create some discussions about hard- and software and there are links to good music. So join the XG-Central group today.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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XGC on Facebook

Saturday 15th October 2011

Do I see it right? Last update on 22nd February 2011? Shame on me! Does it looks like there's nothing to do here? No. XGC is still alive and you can find us also on Facebook.

The only true thing is: there aren't made any new music productions in the last 8 months. Maybe they were made, but here on XGC we didn't receive anything from you. So it's time to create some new music!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New X-static production

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Crackhead of the famous collaboration group X-static sent me a new production called "Ghostbusters". It's a very cool track and a tribute to the movie Ghostbusters. It was one of Crackhead's favourite movies when he was young.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Several new updates

Monday 24th January 2011

Today I updated XG-Central with several technical updates, so the site is ready for a new year of good music.

Some of the updates are: fixing the scripts of the contact forms, more background music on the pages, another homepage: I changed the homepage "XGC-News" into "About XG-Central", so for new visitors it is much easier to understand what the site XG-Central stands for.

Another update is music in MP3. This section on the several composerpages was standing at the bottom of the composer page. I changed that. Now you can find the mp3 section after the biography of the composer. An example can be viewed on JRG's composerpage (welcome back James!) I also changed the menu of XG-Central.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Happy X-mas and best wishes for 2011!

Friday 24th December 2010

First of all I like to thank everybody who visited XG-Central in 2010. More than 52.000 people came to our site to listen to all the great files. Also many thanks for all your fine and warm messages! I really appreciate it!

I want to wish you a happy X-Mas and all my best wishes for 2011!

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New composer on XGC

Thursday 28th October 2010

We've got a new composer on XG Central: Gayajay. He's from the USA and made 3 wonderful compositions: "Below the Dream", "Rivers Edge" and "Through the Hope", which can be listened on Gayajay's composerpage. The song "Through the Hope" can also be listened on our homepage for the coming weeks. Please welcome Gayajay!
I hope we will hear more from you!

I also like to thank everybody who signed some comments in our XGC Guestbook. The latest comment was written by composer @Zamba from Brazil. He wrote the following: "Hello everyone! especially to Bert that revives the most important site in midi music. Yesterday I had a feeling that seemed to be a re-encounter with the beloved disappeared after I see the site again by Google. Bert, congratulations for the initiative!!"
Thanks for your comments Sergio!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New songs on XGC

Thursday 14th October 2010

Almost 3 weeks ago I had my 40th birthday, which was my best party ever. It was held deep down in a forest.
No lights at all, just candles and a nice campfire. That day I received a very special gift of my friend ModeXG.
Not only a gift for me, but for all visitors of XG Central. What did he do? He re-arranged his best song (my opinion) "Speed of Life" and created a "10th Anniversary Edition" of it, cause ten years ago he released that song.
Thanks Silver! You did a great job with this anniversary edition!

I also got a new arranged XG-MIDI version of Zitos (Jose Vargues) "Shine". This is a new arrangement of his old song Shine. Zitos told me, "I didn't compose since 1995, but when your site got back in bussines I restored my SW1000xg from the basement and start composing again". Later this year we can listen to his MP3 version with real added instruments. Great job Jose!

Mick Hunt aka Xscape(UK) sent me a new MP3 file called "Mother of Ills". Xscape(UK): "The track is coming from the CD collection "Standing Stoned" and is a mix of sequencing and live input in XGWorks, using XG MIDI via a SW1000XG, VSTi's, .SF2 sounds and audio files". Keep on the good work Mick!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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XG Editor

Wednesday 15th September 2010

First I like to thank everybody who visited the new born XGC, 'cause without your support there wasn't a site like XGC. Almost 40.000 people visited XG-Central since July 2009. So a BIG Thanks!

Yesterday I received the following message, sent by Hunt (congratulations with your birthday Filippo!):

I have good news for all the XGC fans; I just discovered Yamaha Japan has relased an XG Editor for Cubase 4 and Cubase 5 as a VST Midi plugin, and it works great. Never been so easy to make an XG Midi with all controls handy! It also come with all the patch names of the latest XG units (like Mu1000, Mu2000, etc.). Here you can find the (translated) links: official news and download sources.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Two new releases of X-Static

Wednesday 8th September 2010

Summer is over (almost) and Autumn starts. Everything that was green turns into red colours. Welcome Indian Summer! And welcome new releases, 'cause X-Static made two wonderful new songs...

The first one, "Adrenaline Rush", is a very nice dance-production with some nice female vocals. The track was created by Crackhead (aka DJ Scratch). The second release is a cover (ok, officially not allowed on XGC, but this one is a very nice one) of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells", now turned into "Tubular Moments". The remake of the song was created by Crackhead (DJ Scratch) and XGener8or of X-Static.

Great job guys! I hope some radio stations will pickup the file(s).
Below you can find the video-clip (it reminds me to something...)

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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The longest collaboration ever made, part II

Monday 28th June 2010

Last week I told you about the longest collaboration production ever made... But the longest production isn't "First Contact" (17:19) but "Static Emotions" (18:48)...

The production "Static Emotions" was a collaboration between two giants: Cryogenic Emotions and X-Static. It was the Dawn of a new Era... The collaborated composers were: MU-L8r (CE), Crackhead (X-Static), Instinctiv8or (CE), N-Traxx (X-Static) and XGener8or (CE).

And the winner of the original XGC t-shirt is XGener8or. He wrote me: "Hey. Cool that you put up the First Contact collab. BUT!! It's not the longest. Longest is STATIC EMOTIONS..."

So that means that we have a new Top-3:

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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The longest collaboration ever made

Thursday 24th June 2010

Today I recorded the longest collaboration production ever made into mp3. This production, "First Contact" (17:30 min), was made by Cryogenic Emotions (CE). CE was a collaboration between Apokalypz (Gerald Nisperos), M4U (Mari Yahigato), MU-Lator/Franma (Francis Joseph Cabugao), XGener8or (Christer Holm) and Instinctiv8r (Sascha Henken).

Talking about collaborations, there was also another beautiful collaboration called "For Our Cybert's Friend" (14:55 min), which will be 2nd in the list of longest collaborations ever made. You can find that song on Paul Fiction's page. The song was made by MrRED, mRqS, Ranz, Soundpool, Aleksey and Paul Fiction. The song was part of a CD double-pack, called "The Tribute to Bert Koning", which was a (30th) birthday present for Cybert...

And which collaboration will be 3rd in the list "longest collaborations ever made"?
Please give me your answer and he winner will receive a very nice XG-Central T-shirt for free!

So it looks like we're back! Talking about collaborations and winning prizes, how do you think about a new XGC Contest? Cause the last one was in 1999... Please write me your comments!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New release of X-Static

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Great news, Crackhead aka DJ Scratch released his latest music production under the label/group X-Static. The song is called "Shadows of love" and the style is rave/techno. It has some nice leads and vocals. You can find the song under both names and on YouTube.

In the song Shadows of Love you can hear a girl saying "I miss you baby, like a shadow in the night". It look likes ModeXG used the same girl in his song Best Moments in Life...

Our friend Dexus from Russia updated his bio. Thanks Denis! And check also JD Harding's page, cause now you can find some interesting mp3-files and some of them aren't on the XG-MIDI list.

Other news: more and more composers would like to compose again after many years. That's great, isn't it? So come on guys, take your chance and create a worldwide collaboration!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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The Resurrection of X-Static...

Friday 9th April 2010

10 Years ago there was a group who made XG-MIDI music with Yamaha XG related hardware. This group was named X-Static and it was a group of online friends, who made music seperate and together (the well known collaborations). They released these songs under the group name X-Static.

After 10 years X-Static is back with 2 old members: Crackhead also known as Dj-Scratch and X-Gener8or. We now use other hardware but still we have the same spirit and inspirations as back in the old days.

And last but not least; we have a new composer on XGC and his nickname is Joul from Malaysia. Joul is composing since 2001 and he creates different kinds of commercial music.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New Release of X-Static

Tuesday 2nd March 2010

More than 10 years ago there was a collaboration group called X-Static. The members of this group were Crackhead, ViReX, XGener8or, Scars, ZeN, Maniac and N-Traxx. That was 10 years ago...

But times are changing and now they're back with a new up-tempo track called Move Your Body...
This new track was made by Crackhead aka DJ-Scratch. Here's the link to the new X-Static release.

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Still searching for XG composers

Friday 12th February 2010

Last week I received a message of Gustavo from Spain. He isn't a composer, but he enjoys listening to the old XG songs. Great isn't it? And he likes to help XG-Central with searching for old composers and I can say there is still a lot to search...

Does somebody know where we can find the following XGC-composers: Bassman (Robert Jagiello, USA), Conga (Chen Guoshun, China), Earl (Andrew David Irwin, Australia), Ediel (Ed Hernandez, USA), Gash (Gareth Hall, UK), Kelani Larethian (USA), Meistro (David Oliver, USA), MidiMan (Piotrus Gornicz, USA), OnNTwo (Dale Aston, USA) and Starman (Alan Gordon, UK)?

But there is also other news; the jazzy song "Travel Revisited", made by Sad City is recorded into mp3. Soon more about this composer, because I still have to listen to some new files of him.

I also added some well known composers to the XGC-archive: Geert Huinink from the Netherlands, Dexus from Russia and Andre Boule from the USA. I'm very happy to have these composers and their compositions back on XGC. Thanks for searching Gustavo. Keep on the good work!

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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New MP3 updates

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Yesterday I updated XGC with 13 MP3 songs of my friend Filippo Vicarelli, also known as Hunt. Silver (ModeXG) recorded Hunt's music into MP3, so now everybody without XG-hardware can listen to these compositions too.
And that's an advantage of MP3 on this site.

I also updated the page of Sascha Henken with a new MP3 file, called "The Lost Worlds". The song gives me a very relaxed feeling, so I set Winamp (it finally plays XG as it's meant to be) to play the song in a loop. After hearing it 6 times, it's still beautiful :-)

And the last MP3 song of this update you can find on Franma's (aka MU-lator) page. The song is called "Dreams in Teknosys" and was created for XG-Central (long time ago).

One last thing; I'll put some information of the good old MU128 Tone Generator on the hardware page. Besides information of the products, you can also download manuals there. And those manuals are all on the XGC site.
Safe for a next generation :-)

OK, that's it for today, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Searching for XG-composers and their files

Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Just updated the following pages with new MP3 songs: Crackhead, ZeN, ViReX, N-Traxx, Soundpool, MrRED and JRG.

I also added the following great composers in the last two weeks: Bob Gaynor (USA), Dan West (USA), Gregory Jones (USA), Holger Kapela (Germany), James Burton (UK), New Nader (Iran), Spear K (Denmark), Terma (Japan), Trond Olsen (Norway), X-TendR (UK) and Zephyr (Armenia). As you can see XG's still alive!

But I still need your help to find some old composers of XG-Central and their XG-MIDI files. If you have files of composer Maniac and Q-TeK, please leave in message in our feedback form.

And if you have the following XG-MIDI files of these composers Andre Boule, Bassman, Conga, Dexus, Earl, Ediel, Elemental 121, Gash, iStyle, Kelani Larethian, Meistro, MidiMan, OnNTwo, Starman and Zitos, please let me know by submitting the feedback form, because these composers were all members of the old historical XGC.

Christmas is coming, so I wish you a Merry X-Mas and a very good and healthy 2010!

OK, enough talking, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Update completed!

Monday 7th December 2009

It took me more that a week, but finally the biggest updates of November and December are completed!

All compositions of the more than 140 XG-composers are visible now and they're ready for download (zipped as rar).
Also there are some new MP3 files online and they were created by my friend ModeXG. Thanks Silver, cause I don't want to fight to the systems anymore :-)

Short explanation: I wanted to help the composers to record their "old" xg-midi files into mp3. But it didn't work.
I can't record anymore with my SW1000XG (I tried 2 different cards)... I guess there's something wrong with my motherboard settings. Maybe I must upgrade my ASUS M2V motherboard? Or shall I buy Windows 7? Anyway, Silver (ModeXG) and I do a mp3 collaboration :-) I upload the files and he does the recording of the files!

Back to the new updates, take a look on the site, cause I think we're the most completed XG-MIDI website in the world now. And if you're still miss files, don't hesitate to give me your feedback.

I also got some nice statistics for you:

July 2009 (after 7 years back online with a new domainname): 39 visitors.
August: 267 visitors, September: 349 visitors, October: 715 visitors, November: 1696 visitors.
At this moment - the first 7 days of December: almost 500 visitors.

OK, enough talking, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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The biggest updates of November and December...

Friday 27th November 2009

Before telling more about the updates of today, I like to thank everybody who's visiting the new born XG-Central. It seems XG's still alive :-) So to everybody a big THANK YOU! That's gives me enough spirit to continue XGC after 7 years. And thanks for clicking on the blue "Vote Now" button! We're on the 4th place now. But we need a lot of votes to be on top.

This week I updated the menu: now you can choose for composers sort by country and composers sort by name. This makes it easier to browse through the site. You can choose what you like best!

The biggest updates of November and December will be the individual composerpages: at this moment the XG-MIDI compositions are not visible for the visitor. So you can't see and download the files piece by piece. You can only download them as a rar-archive. So I will bring the situation back as the old XG-Central site. With one exception: you can't listen to them directly, because Yamaha ended the support for the MidPlug 7 years ago...(strange, because I ended the old XGC also 7 years ago...) But if you open the rar-files you can import the XG-files into XG equipment and listen to the files, or import the files into WinAmp.

And here is an example of the new "download" and "listen" layout: Crackhead. Thanks for all the feedback! With your suggestion and comments we can make XG-Central better and better!

Did you already see the new XGC logo? It's based on Yamaha's XG Lite logo ;-)

OK, enough talking, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Still searching for XG-composers

Monday 23rd November 2009

We're still searching for the XG-composers with the addition "nomids" (see the composer overview page) but it's getting very slow :-( So if you know/knew these composers or you have their XG-MIDI files on your harddisk drive, please mail me your feedback.

There are new XG-MIDI updates of Beathoven, Sascha Henken, NTONYX (aka Fanatic), MAX (great Italo disco sounds) and Fish. You can download these updated XG-MIDI files as a rar-archive. We (ModeXG and I) updated also a few files of Fish; now you can listen his compositions in MP3.

OK, enough talking, go visit some composerpages, listen to the music and spread the XG-word :-)

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Searching for XG-MIDI files

Monday 16th November 2009

This morning I finished all composer pages with adding flags (the countries they live in). I will use this geographic information (flags) for redesigning the page where you can find an overview of all composers. As you can see, I go further where I stopped in 2002. I have many ideas with the site and one of them is to be the biggest archive of XG-composers and their songs. So please help me with that idea. There are still a lot of composers with no XG-MIDI files, marked with the words "No MIDS". And I know the files were there before my Harddisk drive crashed in March 2002... So if you have files of these composers, And if you're still miss files, don't hesitate to give me your feedback.

This weekend I was redesigning/programming the old XGC Guestbook, but that wasn't easy because the ASP-script was too old (10 years..). So I will ask my programmer of he can create a new one made in PHP. But you can view the old entries here!

Sunday was a bad day... I was learning how to record XG-files to audio (wave-files), but it looks like my SW1000XG has recording problems. It's not possible to record audio with my soundcard. What a shame. So my idea, help the composers to convert their XG-files to MP3, is not possible. But my friend and composer ModeXG came with a wonderful idea: a sort of collaboration :-) I will send the XG-files and he wil record them into MP3. I can't believe it! But it works for me. I don't have to fight to the systems anymore, so I can create new ideas for XG-Central.

Our first "collaboration", a song of my Dutch friend JRG (The Grid), called "Breaking Waves". The song keeps playing in your head after you turned off the music player. It really blows your mind away!

Today I will also updates the XG-files (funny I almost wrote the X-files) of Sascha Henken, cause I saw few files are missing.

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Updated files of Jim Dierking

Saturday 14th November 2009

Jim Dierking send me various mp3 files. The received zipfile was almost 90 MB; the complete XG-Central website in the late '90's was 90 MB... Please turn your speakers ON and LOUD, because in the background you can already listen to this new Jim Dierking update. I'm a fan Jim! And I guess most visitors can say that too!

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Updated files of PHAZE-1

Friday 13th November 2009

It's the 13th and it's a Friday. Just saw a very black cat, but I hope it won't be bad today :-)

Just updated the amazing XG files of PHAZE-1 (aka Dance Cube). In 1998 I listened often to his music and my speakers ended in the garbage... They didn't survive it, but the music of PHAZE-1 is still alive, just as the various great songs you can find on XG-Central.

At this moment, while I make this newsblog, I'm listening to a very beautiful XG file of Sascha Henken (aka Flubber) called "The Lost Worlds". The song gives me a very relaxed feeling, so I set Winamp (it finally plays XG as it's meant to be) to play the song in a loop. After hearing it 6 times, it's still beautiful :-)

OK, that's it for this moment. I think I will play another XG-file now :-)

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New composer updates

Tuesday 10th November 2009

Just updated the pages of ModeXG (great files I heard long time ago), Happs (files I never heard before), ZeN (finally found his old XG-files), 1ID (I was searching for his files and found them), Turu-G (3 new MP3 files), Crackhead (lots of old XG-files) and Jim Dierking (found some stuff I never heard before).

I also made a start with the download of MP3 files. Check here for an example!

You can still send me updates of your old XG-MIDI files and if you can create them, your MP3 files. Maybe it's time for a workshop? How to record my old XG-files into MP3? Anyone interested?

By the way, you can also send me your non-XG music files! As long as it is original music (read: made by yourself). So don't send me music of Jean-Michel Jarre (unless you are the composer...)

OK, that's it for this moment. I'm still busy, so new updates are coming.

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A blog in a blog...

Monday 9th November 2009

Just read the newspage of my Italian friend Filippo Vicarelli (aka Hunt).

He wrote the following blog:

....."Oh boy! I'm glad to announce that XG Central is back! XG Central was the first international music community I ever joined and composing for. The webmaster and friend Bert Koning (aka Cybert) decided to create a comeback after 7 years! The new version of the site is a memorial to all the XG composers. Of course you can find my music too, altough it's getting pretty old - I was only 15 that time! My nickname was 'Hunt', derived from an XG midi file I was listening one day - I discovered later that one was composed by David Kelly (aka Sonic) one of my dearest friend and XG composer. Another good news is that you can listen to all the compositions without having Yamaha XG gear, as they come in mp3 format, so you really gotta check this out!"......

Filippo, thanks for this great message on your newspage! It makes me happy to see and hear all those positieve messages about XG-Central. It's good to be back!

Today I also got a message and several MP3 files of my Japanese friend Turu-G. After XGC was closing their virtual doors, he was searching many times for the site. Turu-G wrote: "I believed in a XGC revival! And at last I found your site. I am very happy!"

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Just launched the new XG-Central website!

Thursday 5th November 2009

Nearly one month after starting the new XG-Central with the tool WordPress, we go further with a non-WordPress site.

Maybe you've read the old messages on the old WordPress site... If not... here we go:

Monday morning I was doing an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and after installing everything looks fine. But it wasn't. I couldn't upload *.rar and mp3 files anymore. It had nothing to do with the read/write permissions; they were good. It checked it more than twice a time. So I had to Google for the answer. That was a hel of a job and I saw I wasn't the only one with that problem. So I spend a lot of time searching for the answer(s). How to solve the problem. Yesterday, Wednesday, I still didn't find the right solution. I already did a degrade of the software, but that didn't solve the problem too.

So yesterday I made a start with this new site and here's the result. I don't like to change things quickly, cause "If It Works Don't Fix It". But after that bad upgrade I had to do it.

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XG Central (tags, keywords and other...)

Friday 23rd October 2009

I was searching on Google's searchengine for the name "XG Central" and I saw a lot of sites with information about the old XG Central.

But what I like most is my new "sponsor": This one is also very cool: .

OK, that's it for today :-)

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Download XG-MIDI files in rar-format

Thursday 22th October 2009

This morning I made a start to upload all the old XG-MIDI files of the old XG-Central website. Now you can download these files in rar-format. Check the XG-MIDI composer of your choice and you can find a download-link. In the rar-archive you can also find a text file with information about the composers and songs. And there's still a lot to update: 63 xg-composers (members of the old XGC site) to go... So check this site every day.

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XGC 2009, The Story Continues...

Sunday 18th October 2009

As you can see on the title of this newsblog, we're back and the story continues! So to every composer who was member of XG-Central in the late '90's please send me your XG files in MP3.

I already received files of ModeXG and Christer Holm (aka XGener8or), but there is a lot to update and there are still files missing.

This week I'll update the site with the complete composerlist of 2002. If you see somebody who was/ is on the list, please contact him and let him know XGC is still alive and the story continues.

This site will be a memory to all my dearest XG friends (the composers of and maybe we can make the site better than before.

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My first newsblog after 8 years...

Wednesday 29th July 2009

After almost 8 years these are the first words I write in this newsblog. Strange! But it feels good to be back!

There is a lot to update and many links to Yamaha sites are broken; they don't excist anymore. But I will remove the broken ones, so there will be actual information on this site ;-) Maybe we can bring XG to life. Because there are still thousands of people making music with Yamaha gear. As a community we are strong. So lets start the XGC revival now!


This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

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