Midi Player for XG Midi files

Read our guide about playing back XG Midi files on Windows (any version) using S-YXG50 and S-YXG2006LE virtual instruments.

Recommended software

Tools (*.zip / *.rar files)

Drivers (*.rar files)

Disc Images (*.iso files)

You will need dedicated software in order to mount CD/DVD images in *.iso format.

You can "unzip" the *.zip / *.rar files with the tool WinRAR.

SW1000XG with Win2000/XP/Win7 (32-bit)

On this page (see drivers) you can download 4 different software packages for the SW1000XG PCI-card. Please try all of them, because they are all a little bit different. There's no software for Windows 7 (64 bit) but it must be possible to install the SW1000XG with Windows 7 (32-bit).

When you try to install the SW1000XG drivers under XP/Win7 you will get the message that the driver is not digital signed. That is a normal message, because the main drivers for the SW1000XG were made before XP was "alive". Just click on "OK".

Another tip: DISABLE the setting "HD Audio Controller" in you BIOS, otherwise Windows will use that controller instead of your SW1000XG soundcard.

Here you can find my SW1000XG settings under Windows XP (JPEG).


On our hardware page, you can download several manuals and guides in PDF.

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